Do I belong
To these people I go along?
Cause I don’t feel like one,
Instead I feel like no one.

Yes, I’m no special.
But I am loyal.
I treated them so dearly
And even called them my “sissy”

But seems, everything was misinterpreted
I thought they are really my comrades
I assume and expect so much from them
And was badly hurt by the truth they bring

Well, I have this feeling
That they don’t like my being
But still I stay
With them I hangout and play

Everytime I am with them
I feel like I am so lame
My presence for them is like a wind
That no one wants to attend

I am out of place
Yes that’s true, always
They never mind me
And they think, for me, it’s okay

But despite of that
I become dependent to them, just like that
And I don’t know why
But still, seeking for their attention, eveytime, I try.

It may not be as what you see
But yes, I’m suffering from pain
Pain that makes me insane
And pain that in my life will always be a stain

You think I’m out of my mind
For thinking this way, right?
But my apology
This is what I feel, really

Can’t you see it?
Can’t you feel it?
Hey, I’m also here
But I guess, I don’t belong

I don’t belong
To these people I go with for so long
In the circle of friends I’m in
I don’t think I fit in